If you have read the About Us page of Internet News Herald, then you know that this website stands on a bunch of values that support ethical journalism. We certainly do not encourage news that is spread only for the purpose to make money. Instead, we are keen when it comes to certain things like what we publish and how we publish. One of the major things that we support such strong ethics about journalism is because of the strong team we have at Internet News Herald. Our team spends most of their time on the Internet searching for fact-based news as well as print media searching for content that must be brought to the reader’s attention. If you think you stand up to these values and feel to be a part of the team then you are most WELCOME!

We do accept articles from various freelancers and writers who want to build a carrier in the journalism sector. Even if you are a newbie and aspire to be a journalist who wants to publish content online then you are welcome to this venture. The only thing we expect is the article readability and understandability. The article should be the best quality in town and should go along with the guidelines that we maintain.

In order to maintain the quality, we have laid down certain instructions that you must follow as well. If you want to be a part of our team, be precise about following the guidelines mentioned below.

    1. Contributors have to depend on sources that are not just based on facts bust should also be trustworthy.
    2. The minimum word count for writing an article is 300 words. However, it is not the exact word count, in some cases, elaboration may be required and is allowed as well. But less than 300 words is a strict NO.
    3. There should be no grammatical or syntax errors in the writing structure. Articles with grammatical rules won’t be entertained.